At the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, we are focused on transforming the economy of Sangamon County. We represent more than 1,800 organizations that care about the progress of our community. As The Chamber, we see ourselves as conveners, collaborators, catalysts, and importantly, community advocates. It is with our members support that we are able to do things like …

  • Invest more than $5 million dollars into the community through our Quantum Growth Partnership (Q5).
  • Attract businesses and jobs to our community that foster a stable local economy.
  • Advocate to local, state, and federal officials about the issues that matter to the Springfield area the most.
  • Influence and shape the policies and procedures that create a friendly, prosperous business climate.
  • Support small businesses with opportunities for professional development and access to resources.
  • Bring the business and education communities together to support workforce development in Sangamon County.
  • Create a community that supports diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance.
  • Improve the livability of our community, and make it an enticing place to visit.
  • Identify the key problems and opportunities of our community, and bring together the best private and public sector minds to address them.