Application Tips

  • Please complete the short essay questions before starting your application. Your responses will not be saved if you close out of the application. Please limit your response to one half-page per question, single spaced. You can find a list of the short essay questions here
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. For maximum scholarship consideration, please submit your application as early as possible. 


Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on June 30, 2016.


For further information, please contact Ashley Earnest at 217.525.1173 ext. 212 or

Leadership Springfield Application

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Tuition for each participant in Leadership Springfield is $900. For information on financial assistance, refer to the Tuition Assistance Request section.

The policy of Leadership Springfield is to provide tuition assistance to those candidates who are accepted into the program and demonstrate a need for some level of financial assistance in order to participate in the program. We are unable to cover the entire amount of a participant's tuition. Tuition assistance ranges from approximately $300 to a maximum of $500. Award amounts are based on the number of funds available for scholarships each year. Priority for tuition assistance is given to those candidates who are either self-employed, employed by a small business, the not-for-profit or public sector or not employed. Candidates employed by large, private-sector companies are not eligible for assistance.

Full participation by each member of Leadership Springfield is critical. Minimum requirements for graduation are listed below.

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