Mission, Vision & Values


Enhance our members’ success and advance our economy.


To be a catalyst that helps creates a strong, growing economy through talent, leadership and collaboration.


  • Impact - Be an agent of change in Springfield and Sangamon County.
  • Dedication - Focus on and commit to performing at a high level.
  • Service - Provide high quality opportunities for members and investors.
  • Integrity - Operate honestly and ethically, in all matters.
  • Teamwork - Work together to achieve significant results.
  • Accountability - Take ownership of our vision, values, purpose and goals on a daily basis.


  • Advocacy
  • Business Resources & Support
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Visibility & Connections

Accountability – Brand Promise

We partner with members, investors, volunteers and the community at-large and hold ourselves accountable for:

  • Supporting legislative policies and practices conducive for a thriving business community and local economy, and opposing those that are not.
  • Connecting local businesses to resources that reduce barriers to growth and expansion.
  • Offering opportunities for professional growth and leadership development to members and their employees.
  • Providing marketing, programming and relationship-building opportunities to help members grow their businesses.

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