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Welcome to The Greater Springfield
Chamber of Commerce!

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The importance of why we do what we do.
The Chamber exists for two reasons. One is to provide our members with access to opportunities that will increase their visibility and help them make new connections that lead to the growth of their business. We provide important business information and resources, marketing opportunities and educational seminars to support member businesses.

The other reason is to proactively work to ensure our area is moving forward, prosperous and a place that people want to live and do business. A thriving and growing area means there are people with good paying jobs that buy homes, cars, take out loans, eat at restaurants and shop in stores – ultimately, people looking for the products and services offered by businesses in our community.  As a result, what we do is not only important but essential to the growth and stability of our greater Springfield area.

Membership is an investment in your business and community.
The Chamber’s Q5 economic development initiative is the focal point for actively working to attract businesses, retain and assist existing businesses with expansion and workforce needs. Through our members’ support of The Chamber and our pro-business advocacy efforts, we have a real impact on the business climate.  A strong Chamber equals a strong business community and your business prospers as our community prospers. “A rising tide indeed lifts all boats.”

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