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What is Leadership Springfield?

Leadership Springfield (LS) is the premier leadership training program in the Capitol City.  Leadership Springfield is a 14 week series of half day programs during which participants gain leadership skills and in-depth exposure to critical issues affecting the Springfield area.  During the program, participants interact with community leaders and decision makers who share diverse perspectives on significant accomplishments and opportunities within the Springfield community.  Interactive professional development is a cornerstone of Leadership Springfield.

Why Leadership Springfield?

Leadership Springfield is a program that aims to develop, strengthen and equip local professionals to benefit the Springfield area.  The curriculum represents a number of different facets of life and commerce in Springfield.  Topics for the Leadership Springfield program typically include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Agriculture
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Homeland Security
  • Local & State Government
  • Team Building
  • Tourism
  • Technology & Innovation


Below are testimonials from previous Leadership Springfield graduates.

Leadership Springfield was absolutely one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. What I found most valuable about my experience was that every week we had a different set of highly successful individuals speaking to us who each had messages that were relevant to a different aspect of my leadership journey. Each week I gained confidence as a leader because the messages were constantly reaffirming that I was making the right decisions as the head of my agency. Leadership Springfield is not only about learning how to be a leader, it's about learning a different way to reflect on your leadership style and honing it into its most effective form.

- Ethan J. Posey '23, Director of Community Relations, City of Springfield

Leadership Springfield was a fantastic opportunity to hear from business leaders about how they leave an impact on the marketplace and our community. I have been able to take the advice from the CEO panels and put it to practice on a daily basis. It was neat to hear from other professionals and how they overcome their challenges. Leadership Springfield was an empowering experience that gave many helpful tools to guide me in my professional development.

- Jonah Kadyk '23, Engineering Technician, BUNN

Leadership Springfield was one of the best programs of my life. I think that anyone in the position to take this class should do so. Leadership Springfield has given me insight on helping me become the best version of myself both inside and outside of my professional life. I’m so thankful for Leadership Springfield and all that it had to offer myself and my professional position.

- Jessica Covey '23, Volunteer Manager, Gentiva Hospice

Participating in the Leadership Springfield Program was a transformative experience for me. Through this program, I gained invaluable leadership skills, expanded my professional network, and deepened my understanding of the Springfield community. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and make a meaningful difference in their community.

- Sarah Oglesby '23, Director of Programs, Compass for Kids, Inc.

Since I am not originally from Springfield, Leadership Springfield provided me the opportunity to learn more about the history of the community, visit several businesses, and complete a group project. Having the opportunity to work with other Leadership Springfield participants on a project to benefit a local non-profit was extremely rewarding. The leadership skills and concepts I learned throughout the program will be utilized in both my professional life and personal life as a husband and father.

- Jared Rickord '23, Assistant Vice President, Credit, Bank of Springfield

When I started Leadership Springfield I knew it was going to be an experience to remember but little did I know, it would end up being life changing in a way I never expected. Not only did I learn more about myself (the good and the bad), but it also strengthened my love and appreciation for our local community. Having class on the House Floor is only an experience a few will ever have; being at our Capitol the day after an election was an honor and a moment in time I will always treasure. The people I met and the stories they shared are experiences I will never forget.

-Tiffany Bauman ‘22, Hanson Professional Services Inc.

How do employers benefit from sponsoring an applicant?

In general, employers of all kinds benefit from the employee’s improved leadership, and team and problem-solving skills.  Through their employee’s involvement, employers gain access to a broad network of prestigious leadership contacts across all sectors, and extensive knowledge of the issues facing the community.  The consensus is their employees learn the “who’s who” of the community and the value of the power of individual influence around regional change.

History of Leadership Springfield

Established in 1986 by The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the Junior League of Springfield, Leadership Springfield has over 1,100 graduates since its inception.

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