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The Greater Springfield

Chamber of Commerce

We are The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. A partner for the success of your business and vitality of our community. Our mission is to enhance our members' success and advocate on their behalf.

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We are The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

The importance of why we do what we do.
Our Chamber exists to serve four core functions for its members. These include:

  • ADVOCACY - as the voice of business, we support legislative policies and practices conducive for a thriving business community and local economy, and oppose those that are not.
  • BUSINESS RESOURCES & SUPPORT - we connect local businesses to resources that reduce barriers to growth and expansion.
  • LEADERSHIP & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - we offer opportunities for professional growth and leadership development to members and their employees.
  • VISIBILITY & CONNECTIONS THAT MATTER - we provide marketing, programming and relationship-building opportunities to help members grow their businesses.

Membership is an investment in your business and community.
The bottom line is your membership investment not only brings value to you and your business, it also helps ensure the long-term vitality of our community. Collectively, we have a real impact on the business climate. The Chamber coordinates and leads important advocacy efforts, provides business resources, support and assistance, all while creating countless opportunities for visibility and strategic connections with members and the community-at-large.

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