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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to LS?
Anyone from the greater Springfield area who meets the minimum requirements can apply.

How many people have gone through LS?
More than 1,000 individuals have participated in the program since 1986.

Who participates in LS?
The class is generally comprised of participants from the private sector (large and small companies), not-for-profit sector and public (government) sector.

How many participants are accepted?
Class sizes vary each year, but typically range between 35-40 participants.

Does an individual need their employer’s authorization to participate in LS?
Many times employers encourage their employees to apply.  Employers are required to confirm that they understand the Financial Commitment, Time Commitment and Attendance Policy.

Do employers typically pay for the program?
Yes, most employers cover the cost of the tuition.

Have additional questions? Please contact David Earhart – or 217.525.1173 x215.

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